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What is SAMA® ?

SAMA® "Smart Automated Mobile Agent" is a virtual assistant, part of the Speech Workers family of speech-driven virtual assistants, available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. She's your personal digital secretary, she is smart, she's polite, she's really knows her job very well.

With Smart Automated Mobile Agent you can use your natural voice as commands to instruct SAMA ® to manage your communications.

As your secretary, SAMA ® will answer calls made to your personal phone number and:

Screening coming Calls
Upon your choosing, the caller can be asked "who's calling", his answer will be recorded and the caller placed on hold. SAMA ® will call you and tell you who's calling. You can accept or reject each call.

You'll never have to take an unwanted call again.

SAMA ® reaches you at anywhere
People only call one phone number - your new personal number but behind the scenes SAMA ® knows how to reach you. You can be anywhere, home, office, in your car, or even in a hotel while you're traveling - your callers don't need to know. Important calls can always get through to you

No matter where you are.

Callers can choose to leave you a voice message, and you can hear it at your convenience or have forwarded to your e-mail account.

You'll never have to miss an important message .

You can call SAMA® and:

Dial using your Voice
Now you can make calls just by saying the name of the person you want to call. You can dial by name or by number - just say the name or the number to dial.

What is a magic! Voice Mail & return calls - fast
You can pick up your messages just by saying "get new messages". You can even return calls directly from voice mail just by saying "call back". You'll always know when a voice mail has been left because you can have the actual message delivered to your e-mail account. Just click to play the .wav file.

Listen to Email
You can listen to the e-mails which coming to your e-mail accounts from any phone just by saying "get e-mail messages". Your e-mail messages will be read to you - through the phone. You can save, delete, copy, forward or reply - all by voice commands, thanks to Listen2E-Mail © .

SAMA ® on the Web
Like any secretary SAMA ® needs basic information to get started. Through an easy to use web interface you can supply SAMA ® with details such as all the numbers she can reach you at, your preferences and the contents of your phone and address books. Now you'll have one single place for this information - your address book - one that never gets lost, stolen or misplaced.



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