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The Automotive Dealer industry is in a race. The competition is real and the stakes are high.

Often the difference between success and failure is simply going the extra mile.

Speech Workers helps automotive companies gain a competitive edge by helping connect customers with the proper person to help facilitate a deal.

Answering the call

Most automotive dealers spend a considerable amount of money on advertising trying to get potential buyers to visit or call.
This is where the breakdown can occur. Most buyers will only call once!

That's why it's important to make sure that they don't get a busy tone or sent to voice mail. Most buyers won't leave a message; however, if they do, they won't wait long for someone to call back with the information they want.

Speech Workers helps automotive dealers cash in on incoming calls more often by answering the phone on the 1st ring with a virtual receptionist named SAMA. SAMA is a voice-activated phone assistant designed to professionally greet each caller and then route the caller to the person who can best assist them - fast.

Always reachable

One lost call can mean lost business opportunity and hence, lost sales.

SAMA helps reduce lost sales by connecting callers to the salesperson at up to four numbers. SAMA could try the sales desk first, then the mobile phone or even a home phone if necessary. Revenue producing callers will always be able to connect to a helpful sales associate - even when they leave the office, even when they leave the lot!

Return calls fast...

SAMA helps returns fast. Simply pick up your voice mail message and then say "call back"- SAMA returns the call immediately, even if the caller forgot to leave a call back number. SAMA empowers your salespeople to return calls fast - before it's too late.

Reply to email now.

SAMA even reads email messages over the phone and lets staff members reply simply by saying "reply to sender". SAMA can record a reply and then send it back to the person who sent the email. Salespeople can pick up email messages and reply without ever leaving the sales lot.

Stay connected to your customers.

SAMA can keep a list of your existing customers in a database. Managers can create various groups in order to broadcast voice messages via email. Now, one call to SAMA can create and broadcast a promotional message for service, sales, financing or any reason to your entire customer base - for free. Save time and money and get the word out fast.

Increased Revenue

SAMA not only helps prevent lost sales but helps increase sales as buyers gain confidence that they can always reach a salesperson or service advisor via SAMA. Qualified Automotive companies can also become an agent for Speech Workers and earn recurring commissions by activating Speech Workers service for new car buyers. Speech Workers can add speech to any phone. This creates an opportunity for recurring revenue from past clients. Imagine if you currently earned even $1 per month for every car sold...

Improved Customer Service

SAMA helps your clients get connected to the service advisor or parts department - fast. Don't keep callers waiting on the line or force them to listen to long frustrating touch-tone menus. SAMA make it possible for clients to simply say what they want.

After hours emergency

SAMA works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SAMA can answer the phone with custom greetings based on time of day and day of week. As a result, SAMA can route calls to staff members who are on-site, offsite or even at home. Now all after hour calls are handled.



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