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Real Estate development is big business.
The challenge is to prevent big problems while trying to conduct big business.

Most industry professionals engaged in the design, engineering, development, project management, contracting, subcontracting and construction are agree - deadlines are critical.

The problem with deadlines is that most of them rely on various people, organizations or contractors each meeting individual deadlines in order to complete the overall goals.

One of the key elements in helping to meet tight deadlines - is communication.

Connecting your team

Speech Workers has developed a unique communication solution designed specifically to tie together all the many human resources and contracts involved in a development project via a single telephone number.

Anyone working on the job can call a single number and then say the name of the person or job function required. The virtual project assistant will then look up the persons office number and/or mobile number and connect the parties - instantly.

No more wasted time leaving messages. No more wasted time waiting for return calls. No more phone tag. Simply instant live communication - upon request.

Facilitating live communication helps cut the red tape and meet critical deadlines.

Collaborate with team members

Sometimes critical information needs to be shared with team members, other contractors or even the entire group. Speech Workers also provides for instant group broadcasting by phone. With one call to SAMA, important messages can be sent to an almost unlimited number of people. When you need to share information that can impact deadlines, timing is everything.

Just in time team communication

Speech Workers provides the ultimate communication service for various projects without the need to buy or install any expensive equipment. Speech Workers service can be set up for a specific project and then changed for the next project or simply cancelled. New parties can be added or eliminated with a few clicks of the mouse via the web. Simple self-administration allows managers to right-size the service for current needs even as they change. Changes take effect immediately. No need to wait for an equipment vendor to come out to perform the work. Simply access the service via the web, make the necessary changes and click save. All changes become effective immediately.



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