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Financial Services

Sometimes opportunity doesn't knock - it rings.

Professional people in financial services know that time is money. Clients don't have time to waste.

Whether it's time to buy or sell stocks, refinance the house or even get a new home or auto loan - consumers want answers and expect service - fast.

Competition within the financial services business is fierce. If a potential client gives you a call only to get ring no answer, busy or voice mail - who else are they likely to call.

Is your competition waiting by the phone?

What is the value of your average transaction? How much money will you loose if a transaction goes to the competition?

Speech Workers can provide "a competitive advantage" to help facilitate more transactions.

A New Business Phone Number

Using proprietary technology developed by Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies, Speech Workers provides a new kind of business number - that is never busy.

Revenue producing clients can always get through to you - live. Even if you're away from your desk or even if you are out of the building.

Inbound callers are answered on the 1st ring by SAMA, a virtual telephone assistant. SAMA will find out who's calling and then try up to four numbers to connect the parties live.

Be found but never bothered.

Since SAMA screens callers by asking "who's calling" - you will never take an unwanted call again. Live Call Screening is better than caller i.d. because it works even if the caller has caller i.d. blocking. Now you can reject non-revenue generating calls and focus your time on closing more transactions.

Return messages - fast!

Live communication with important clients is always the best plan of action; however, sometimes meeting schedules don't permit time to speak live. In the event clients have no other choice other than to leave a message - SAMA can still help.

SAMA is the fastest way to pick up messages and return calls. Just say "get new messages" and SAMA goes to work. After you listen to an important message, just say "call back" to return the call and SAMA dials it for you - fast. Need to check email? Just say "get new email" and SAMA reads your email to you - right over the phone. Need to send a reply? No problem. Just say "reply to sender" and SAMA will record your reply and send it back to the person who sent you an email.

Don't keep your clients waiting, use SAMA to help expedite messages and reply!


Most top producing people in the financial services industry don't work alone - they work in groups or with other key team members.

Sometimes information or knowledge is power. Now, SAMA can help you collaborate or delegate various tasks to others. Just say "copy" or "forward" and you can copy or forward voice mail or email messages to any individual or any group of people you know via email.

One call to SAMA can inform all your clients.

SAMA makes it possible to communicate with a large group of people simply by making a single call. Just call SAMA, tell her to take a voice memo, then send it to a group by name. SAMA will broadcast your recorded voice message as a .wav file via the internet. Now you can save time and money while distributing timely information to your most important clients.

SAMA is never late. Never sick. Always in a great mood. SAMA works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you close more transactions and make more money - and that's the bottom line.





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