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The hospitality industry is very competitive.

To introduce a new and efficient service is the key difference between staying at one property vs. another.

When guests feel important , comfortable and well taken care of - they return more often.

In fact, the best salesperson is always a happy customer.

Speech Workers offers a unique guest service to help insure great service - every time.

Answering the call.

Great service starts when guests call to make reservations. Speech Workers provides a virtual receptionist that uses speech-recognition technology to answer every incoming call on the 1st ring. Guest will not hear ring no answer or busy! Instead your guests will be instantly greeted by SAMA.

SAMA works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and answers every incoming call - immediately. SAMA greets each new callers with a cheerful professional greeting, then asks how she can be of service. Guest callers simply say the name of the hotel guest or department they wish to speak with. SAMA listens and then connects the caller as necessary.

Connecting callers.

SAMA can connect callers to any person or department regardless of location. Routing callers to internal staff members, guest rooms or even outside parties - SAMA can try up to four numbers for each person or department. For example, maybe reservations first, then the front desk and then the managers office if calls go unanswered.

SAMA can even route inbound calls to guest rooms or even the guest's mobile phone. Your guests will never miss an important call again. Even if they are out of the room, at the pool or even outside the property.

Convenient messaging.

SAMA doesn't just route calls, she also can manage messages left for the guest or staff member. By calling SAMA, now your guests and staff can pick up their voice mail or email and respond immediately using any phone. Yes, not only can SAMA record voice messages but she can read back any e-mail and text messages sent.

Hotel managers can even broadcast messages to all guests or various groups of staff members for instant group communication or promotions.

Extend guest revenue.

Qualified hospitality groups can become an authorized agent of Speech Workers services. This allows for instant assignment of guest telephone numbers via the web with all charges billed directly to the guest's credit card or checking account.

Agents can earn a recurring commission on all monthly service charges incurred by the guest account. Guest are free to take their virtual office number with them and continue to use the service even after hotel check out. This creates the possibility of earning recurring commissions long after they've gone.

No equipment purchase required.

Speech Workers eliminates the need to buy expensive PBX equipment, voice mail systems and other related equipment. Speech Workers works with existing phones and is offered by subscription only.



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