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Professional Services

Time is money!

Especially if you're in professional services. Doctors , lawyers , CPA's and other professionals who charge for their time - don't have time to waste.

Speech Workers can help you leverage your time for maximum results.

SAMA is your Professional Secretary Service

Speech Workers offers a virtual assistant called SAMA, designed to help you manage your communications. SAMA will answer all your calls, find out who's calling and then attempt to locate you at up to four numbers.

SAMA can try your primary office, then your 2nd office, then your mobile phone or even your home phone. In fact, SAMA can try up to any four numbers yet she keeps all your personal numbers - private.

Really smart!!, Be found but never bothered.

SAMA will screen each new call by asking "who's calling". SAMA records the callers response and then places the caller on hold while attempting to locate you. When you answer the phone, SAMA will tell you who's calling and ask if you wish to accept or reject the call.

Live Call Screening is far better than caller i.d. because it works even if the caller has caller ID blocking . Now, important callers can always find you but unimportant calls can be avoided entirely. Imagine if you never had to take an unwanted call again.

Increasing billable hours.

SAMA makes it possible for you to help revenue producing clients no matter where you are - calls always get through. Now you can increase billable time even when you are outside office.

Efficient message handling.

Most professionals get a lot of voice mail messages each day, so a lot of time can be spent listening to messages, writing down messages and returning calls.

SAMA reduces the time spent on message retrieval and call return. Just say "get new messages" and SAMA plays back your voice mail. Just say "call back" and SAMA returns the call for you - without dialing. You can say "copy" or "forward" messages if you want to share messages or delegate messages to an assistant for follow through.

Immediate Email.

Most professionals get more email messages each day than voice mail. SAMA eliminates the need to be in front of a computer to read and type replies. Just say "get new email" and SAMA will read your email messages to you - right over the phone.

Just say "reply to sender" and dictate a reply. SAMA will record your reply and then send it as a .wav file back to the person who sent you the email. Now professional people can read email and reply immediately even when outside the office.

Your new address book for life!.

Most professional people have lots of contacts so it can be hard to remember all the various contact numbers. SAMA lets you create an address book for life .

Simply log in via the net and upload your contact list from outlook . Click save and presto! Your address book is safe for life.

When you want to make a call you only need to remember one number - your own. Just call SAMA and tell her who to call. SAMA will look up the number and dial it immediately. Now your address book is as close as the nearest phone.

Stay in contact with clients.

Speech Workers offers the power of group messaging via the internet.

Simply create a list of various customer groups and enter each members name, number and email address. With one call to SAMA you can record a message and send it to an entire group.

Reduce your dependence

SAMA reduces your dependence of expensive office equipment and expensive office staff.

SAMA works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a low rate per hour. Best of all, you only pay for the actual time she works.



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