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The travel business has become more competitive with the primary difference between travel professionals becoming increasingly more focused on "personal service".

Sometimes it's not what you know but who you know.

When clients feel that they know the right travel agent or the right travel company, they tend to be very loyal; however, customers have high expectations of great service and they desire instant gratification when they have questions or requests.

Most travel begins with a call!

And this is where Speech Workers can help provide a competitive edge!

No busy line.

When your business subscribes to Speech Workers you have the services of a virtual assistant named SAMA. SAMA can answer every incoming call to your travel business - on the 1st ring, so callers will never hear ring no answer or busy.

Callers want to speak with someone - live. SAMA makes it possible to speak with a live person to help with travel arrangements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Make Live Connections.

SAMA asks callers to say the name of the person or department or even the type of travel assistance that is required. SAMA listens to callers speak and then determines the best person who can help the caller.

SAMA can then try up to four numbers to reach the best person for the job. SAMA could try the office first, then the mobile phone, then the home phone or any list of numbers you choose. With SAMA on the job, callers can always get through.

Managing Messages.

Live communication with clients and providers is always the best plan of action; however, when messages become necessary, SAMA helps save time, and money

Staff members can call SAMA from any phone and say "get new messages". SAMA can playback voice mail messages or even read email messages over the phone. Employees can also say "call back" after listening to a voice mail to return the call or "reply to sender" to send a reply to an e-mail.

SAMA empowers staff members to quickly and easily handle and respond to messages - without delay.

Broadcast messages.

Travel professionals can record a voice mail message and then broadcast the message to a group of customers or staff members via email. Now important information or promotions can be sent by making a single call to SAMA.

The Ultimate Travel Companion.

Qualified travel professionals can become an authorized agent for Speech Workers. Agents can assign Speech Workers numbers to their clients prior to their departure dates. Then while, they are traveling their friends, family and business associates can stay in touch.

All charges are billed to the guest's credit card or checking account. Travel professional can then earn a portion of the recurring revenue generated by use of virtual office services.

Guests are welcome to continue to use the service even at the conclusion of the trip; thereby, making it possible for the travel agent to earn recurring commissions each month.



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