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Virtual Receptionist

What is it worth to your business to make sure phone calls get through to the right person every time? Potential sales, customer support and vendor relationships each depend on making real-time connections. Consider your alternatives . . . a full-time receptionist to simply route calls? An answering service? But even these costly alternatives are limited in the services they can offer your business.

Connect your workforce with SAMA, your round-the-clock virtual receptionist.

SAMA is the most cost-effective way to make sure that calls are answered. SAMA answers every call, in fact multiple simultaneous calls, on the first ring. She screens the call, then routes it to the right person or department. And its all voice-activated. Using state-of-the-art speech-recognition technology, SAMA is able to understand exactly who the caller is trying to reach.

SAMA transfers incoming calls to the person's current location, and if they are not there, can also locate them at up to four additional numbers. Calls always get through with a single number, no matter where your workforce is, on the road, at home, or working remotely. Callers never need to know they are calling anywhere but your company's office.

Because business never stops, SAMA answers calls around the clock. What other receptionist works seven days a week, 24 hours a day?

No equipment purchase required

SAMA doesn't just answer the phone. She takes care of connecting the calls. All connections run through Speech Workers's carrier grade network infrastructure, so your calls are guaranteed to get through. With SAMA handling the calls, you can save yourself the capital cost of a PBX (telephone switch) or voice mail system.

SAMA can also work with your existing communication system. She will fit in wherever she is needed. For example, she could act as a back-up for your existing receptionist if calls go unanswered after three or four rings.

Because SAMA doesn't reside at your offices, she will continue to work even if you have a power failure or in the event of a disaster. Not only will she continue to answer your customers calls, but you have a built-in emergency communication system to help keep your staff informed.

Right-sized for your business

With SAMA you only pay for what you need, and you can add or remove capability to reflect the changes in your company. SAMA is right-sized for your business even during the ups and downs. What's more, you can be up and running in hours, and changes take effect immediately.


Virtual Receptionist Features

The many things your virtual receptionist can do.

Answers all your calls

Whatever your business's call volume, SAMA can be configured to answer hundreds or thousands of calls simultaneously.

Custom company greeting

SAMA answers with a custom greeting for your company. You can record and change this greeting at any time, or you can choose to have one of our professional voices record it for you. Depending on your business, you may decide to have different greetings for during business hours and at other times - your virtual receptionist is very flexible!

Say the name

Callers ask for the person or department they wish to talk to by simply saying the name for example, "Mohamed Fahmy" or "sales team". It's really that simple!

Connect to the right person

Callers always get through to the right person because SAMA verifies that she's heard the name correctly. "You said: 'Mohamed Fahmy'. Is this correct?"

Virtual presence

SAMA routes the call to the person's current location. Employees can change their number on the go as they move from location to location . . . so more callers connect on the first try.


If the call isn't answered at the first number, SAMA can locate that person at up to four other numbers.

Take a message

If the person isn't available then SAMA can take a message.

Try another person

At any time, your caller can choose to try another person in the company. They just tell SAMA to "Try another person" and then say the person or department name.

Your own ads on hold

You choose the messages or music that callers hear while they wait to be connected (additional charges may apply).

Excellent caller understanding

SAMA recognizes a wide range of speaker dialects, pronunciations and accents - it's all speaker-independent and doesn't require any training.

Resolves entries with the same name

If multiple individuals have the same name, callers are given a choice of possibilities-they can even hear the individuals say their own names.


Callers can also be offered the opportunity to reach a company operator.

Easy to Manage

Making changes to your setup is as simple as point and click, through the Speech Workers Web site. Changes take effect immediately.

Communication Without Boundaries, This is SAMA



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