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SpeechWorkers has tight relations with research institutes in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. We thank Prof. Dr. Mansour Alghamdi for his contribution to our website with the following article

Talking With Machines

Prof. Dr. Mansour Alghamdi
King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

It was man's dream to talk to his tools. Human literature has many science fictions where authors create characters that are able to communicate with their farms, houses, tools and animals. Arabic literature shows stories written more than 12 centuries ago. In these stories, Ala'uddeen talks to his locked door, "Open Sesame to have it opened.

Nowadays this dream is becoming real. Soon it will be possible to communicate with your car, office and house. People will be able to communicate verbally with sophisticated machines. There are many reasons to celebrate this advancement in human-machine interaction; some of them are:

  • Speech is the most efficient and natural way of human communication,
  • Other body parts such as hands and eyes are free to do other activities,
  • It is more economical because it is possible to communicate verbally with machines and human at the same time,
  • Impaired people such as blind and handicapped will overcome their impairments,
  • Users are free to move and have different orientation,
  • It is possible to use it in darkness,
  • It is compatible with radio and telephone systems which makes remote control possible,
  • Illiterate people will be connected to technology, information and databases.

To have speech communication with machine available will be a gigantic step towards technology and its applications. Speakers will be able to read and send their emails, send their orders to their offices and houses and get all the information they need via telephone line.

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