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SpeechWorkers partnership program is one more manifestation of our commitment to bring value to our respective customers.

SpeechWorkers partnership Programs (SWPP) provide comprehensive framework for new and existing best of breed partners to harness the capabilities offered by SpeechWorkers's speech enabled solutions, products and applications.


SpeechWorkers Partnership Programs

1- Technology Partners program

SpeechWorkers's Technology Partners are leading hardware, software and service providers in their respective industries and areas of specialty. These partners provide products and services that serve as core technologies powering SpeechWorkers's platform and application offerings or that can be added as complementary components in our suite of open-standards-based voice enabled solutions.

We work with our technology partners closely in order to provide technologically differentiated products and services to our customers quickly and cost-effectively.

2- Research Partners program

Research institutes, centers and universities which has a research plans and interested in Speech Recognition science and technology, and Computer Telephony Integration CTI.

SpeechWorkers warm welcomes R&D programs and has the capabilities to cooperate with such these institutes and gaining benefits to the society and new generations.

3- Telecom Operators, Solution Providers Partners program

As SpeechWorkers stand on Computer Telephony technology which is our main line, SpeechWorkers focus on robust quality, high end solutions has built for telecom operators, SpeechWorkers welcomes a strategic partnership with companies which provide solutions for Telecom Operators to integrate Speech enabled applications to their solutions to get the whole benefits of the technologies and to provide a complete solution through one vendor.

4- Telecom Operators Partners program

SpeechWorkers solutions for telecom operators increasing Average Revenue Per User ARPU, enhance subscriber's loyalty and save operation costs, SpeechWorkers looking to partnership with telecom operators in the region.



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