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Even malls can be reached by phone!
It is an automated merchandise ordering and shipment system.
Speech Workers can help you leverage your time for maximum results and clients satisfaction.

Even if you are a wholesale or a supermarket, Speech Workers can save your time, by using a speech enabled system, MallπPHON your merchandisers realize significant time savings through 24-hour-a-day telephone access to information, from delivery status to new delivery days and product opportunities. MallπPHON enables you to continue your rapid growth and at the same time improve the efficiency of your ordering system without adding additional staff.

MallπPHON for wholesalers

The old story

As part of your store ordering process, merchandisers in the past visited a store on a weekly or semi-monthly basis, then called in and left a voicemail with the items that needed to be restocked. That voicemail was manually transcribed and the order then sent to a warehouse for processing. Several days later, 25-40% of merchandisers generally placed a follow-up call to learn the status of their order.

MallπPHON is defer

Under the newly automated system, MallπPHON, the merchandiser calls an order into the speech-enabled system, which translates their speech into text and creates a warehouse order within an hour. Once the order is shipped, a Text-to-Speech message is generated so that the merchandiser can easily confirm shipping status. The system also provides a shipment carrier tracking number, enabling workers to easily look up the time and date the merchandise is delivered to the store.

SuperPHON for home delivery

What kind of technology which screen the favorite supermarket items to the customer through a phone call, it is exact what is SuperPHON doing, not this only but also customer can easily select the alternative items and listening to the special offers, and determine the suitable delivery time for him.

It is not only the whole story, customer can ask to deliver to another address which is not listed in his database, and payment can be deducted from his bank account or by his credit cards too, all through a regular telephone call.

SuperPHON will transfer customer's order to the delivery sector of the supermarket as a purchase order attached with the invoice and payment check.



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