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Speech Workers has a wide stream of solutions for a deferent enterprises, from small to medium to high range enterprises,

An intuitive Voice User Interface (VUI) - the prompts and messages guiding callers through the application - provides users with a superior call experience. They can thus fully enjoy the unrivalled freedom of using simple voice commands to quickly gain access to people, information and telephony resources, without operator intervention.

We can easily divide our market as following:

1- Individual Solutions

Speech Workers solutions for individuals is based on its Smart Automated Mobile Agent, SAMA® , user can use his natural voice as commands to instruct SAMA® to manage his communications.

User will get only one telephone number, most of the modern communication tools such as e-mail, SMS, phone calls will be forwarded to his unique new phone number, so he can catch all important messages and has the ability to reply, forward or delete it with very sophisticated way;

Also, caller has no hassle to get all phone numbers of the user, he will dial the new and unique telephone number and SAMA® will take the rest of the work, thanks for technology.


2- Industrial Solutions

Speech Workers has developed its SAMA® product to match all industries voice enabled requirements and to improve several industries areas performance as saving money, saving time, creating a virtual contact groups, managing messaging and call delivery.


3- Retail Solutions

MallπPHON  is the key to enhance wholesaler's merchandisers transactions and delivery, it is so easy and very efficient speech enabled system, merchandiser can say his order by phone, tracking his order 24 hours a day, wholesaler can improve his ordering system efficiency without adding additional staff.

SuperPHON is a speech enabled systems which makes live easy, it is not required to go to the Supermarket to collect your items, just make a telephone call and after seconds it will be delivered to you or wherever you want, and also payment will be done automatically.




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