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Voice Portals

What is Voice Portal?

Internet Portal is a technology used to reach multi information categories, and managing user accounts through a single internet access, such as going through one internet site and getting back information about news, weather, economic, sports, directories…and so on.

Voice portal is the same idea, but here you will not hassled accessing internet, no need for a computer or internet line, no need to type your search keyword, no need to wait for internet traffic, no need to look to a screen, in other words, world now is more mobility, more speed, the solution is the Voice Portal.

With Voice Portal technology you can reach all your interest information during one phone call;

Voice Portal Technology is a voice-based internet access uses rapidly advancing speech recognition technology to give users anytime, anywhere access to web-based information, and it uses that most universal form of communication. And access the human voice over an office, wireless, or home phone.

Why is Voice Portal?

The potential for voice portals is as wide as the reach of telephones, which today is 1.3 billion around the globe, Compare that to the 250 million computers with internet access.

Voice-enabled web access will take off. Frost & Sullivan estimate a 54% growth rate for the voice portal market segment over the next 6 years.

Kelsey Group predicts $5 billion in voice portal service revenues by 2005, including advertising, subscriber bounties, and location-specific commerce, with an additional $7 billion incremental revenue to the infrastructure providers that save those companies.

Voice Portals means the following

  • A competitive Edge
          Add customized features to differentiate yourself
          from your competitors and create a sticky environment.
          Offer your customer one-stop shopping, self service,
          and instant 24/7 access to their account information.
  • Customer Satisfaction
           Let your customers use the telephone to easily retrieve
           information or manage accounts using natural voice
           commands. Provide a friendly, efficient caller experience
           that surpasses today's touchtone systems.
           Offer convenient, flatter menus that don't lock up your
  • Cost Savings
          Save on operator expenses and free up agent time
          by replacing human operators with an easy-to-use
          voice solution. According to a study by Goldman Sachs,
          each human-assisted call cost $3 compared to the 20
          cents for a call with automated response.
  • More Revenue
          Offer new subscription services or build revenue        
          through advertising.
  • Improved Security
          Use speaker verification to validate callers' identities


Voice Portals Targeted Audiences

  • Web Portals
           A traditional Internet Portal looking to extend its reach    
          over the phone.
  • Network Service Providers
           Internet Service Providers, ISP, are looking             
           to build customer  loyalty and maximize network usage
           with branded portal services they host in the network
           or obtain from third-party suppliers.
 SpeechWorkers enhancing Voice Portal applications as we strongly working to enrich Arab society activities and to increase corporate revenues. SpeechWorkers is based on Research and Development and has improved its technology's tools which are unique and closed to Arabic world culture and human nature.




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