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VoiceSMS ©

SMS through Internet is the most popular online service. converting text SMS into audio file opening the door to send to a landline phone too which increasing the recipient base to multi million users.

Sending and receiving SMS techniques was limited to Mobile sets and Internet media only, but with VoiceSMS© user can send to land line phone too. SpeechWorkers developed its VoiceSMS to sound the text and bring it into live with deferent voice effects.

VoiceSMS features
  • Enjoy listening to SMS instead of reading.
  • Send VoiceSMS through Internet to mobile and landline phones.
  • Send VoiceSMS through corporate Intranet to mobile and landline phones.
  • Send VoiceSMS from land line to mobile and landline phones.
  • Male and female voice options
  • Supporting Arabic and English languages.
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